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Meanwhile players with WNBA team experience were making 10000 EUR a month. Answer 1 of 11.

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57 million WNBA salary.

Overseas basketball players salaries. Womens basketball players can also do well overseas sometimes earning 12 times more playing in China than they do in the United States. Overseas Salaries By Country. I played in Israels second division for two seasons and the first division for one season.

Already back in 2008 BallinEurope reported the average salary for a female American player with no WNBA experience in the top leagues abroad Spain Italy France Russia was about 5000-6000 EUR a month. Best overseas basketball countries basketball salary overses basketball salaries best overseas basketball countries. Highest Paid Overseas Players.

Overseas pros make a huge range of salaries. The EuroLeague is also considered to be the highest-paying overseas basketball league. In China some players earn between 1 and 3 million a year while players in Europe start out around 100000.

Ive attached my old contracts to give you an idea. Overseas basketball players salaries come down to how good you are at the game of basketball who finds. Overseas Basketball Players Salary Outside of USA As for the earnings of players in Europe or Asia they are incomparably less compared to the money that players earn in the NBA.

What do i need to do to find the salery of a normal basketball player. But some of the most prominent players in the league are making more than 1M a year. Most overseas players dont make enough to live lifestyles like the NBA players.

There is a cap. The big question is how much do international basketball players make and is it worth it to go. The salaries of the European basketball players are as high as USD 54million per year and as low as 65000 depending on the league performance skills and experience.

Shane Larkin of Anadolu Efes is the second-highest player. The how much do overseas basketball players make in china is a question that has been asked by many. In China it is estimated that the average salary for an overseas player is about 1800 USD per month.

The amount of money an athlete can earn playing basketball overseas can vary depending on the country. The average European basketball salary is estimated at 500k – 800k per season but the best players earn a maximum of 4 million per season. The Top In Euro league.

You can earn up to 5 million per season. While in the NBA the average player earns several million dollars per season in Europe most players can earn a maximum of about 500000 dollars per season. Meanwhile just for reference tennis phenom Naomi Osaka comes in at 573 million according to Forbes.

Shane Larkin Anadolu Efes 37Myear 3. Nichola Mirotic is the highest-paid basketball player in Europe who got 54year. 11 rows The average salary for Australian basketball players is around 106K a season.

Q on June 30 2008 at 1010 When you. The best 30 players make somewhere between 1 and 3 million USD per year In the top national leagues such as the ACB VTB ESAKE BSL etc. With hundreds of overseas basketball leagues in the world players make anywhere from 300 a month Iceland yes Iceland has a league to 300000 a month.

Best overseas basketball countries basketball salary overses basketball salaries best overseas basketball countries. The average European basketball salary for example is estimated at around 65K to 100K per season. The highest player topping our list in total earnings ever is Candace Parker whos at 57 million per year.

The Best of the Best. The Greek A1 leagues salaries are well above the average overseas basketball player salary. Average salaries for most of the Greek locals are 60000 to 250000.

The salaries of German basketball players range from USD 100000 to 300000year. In 2022 Candace will make 195000 from her WNBA contract. Average overseas womens basketball salary.

If youre considered one of the best much like Nicola Mirotic or Shane Larkin. They are over 10 years old now but I dont think the general range has changed that much. Answer 1 of 3.

Candace Parkers estimated pay. That includes Kostas Sloukas who can be seen in Europes top 10 above. Nikola Mirotic of Barcelona is the highest-paid player in the league pocketing around 4 million per year.

Nikola Mirotic Barcelona 45Myear 2. Players may earn anything from 300 per month yep Iceland has a league to 300000 per month in the worlds hundreds of foreign.

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