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One-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset including Saturday and Sunday. Capital Building Pierre South Dakota 57501.

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The International Registration Plan IRP is a reciprocal registration agreement between the contiguous lower 48 United States and the ten Canadian provinces that provides equitable apportioned payments of registration fees.

South dakota oversize regulations. Total length of a single unit is limited to 60 feet including load. Check Your Trucks Size Weight Configurations. South Dakota trucking regulations for shipping heavy haul oversize and wideload freight in North America.

Total combined front and rear overhang may not exceed 30 feet. RESTRICTED TRAVEL Travel is restricted in congested areas during high volume traffic periods. Information can be obtained by calling the Motor Carriers Services division of the South Dakota Highway Patrol at 6052247364.

Click on the state you require information in. Contact the state for additional information on restricted travel for wide loads oversize and overweight permitted cargo. SOUTH DAKOTA OD PERMITS INFORMATION.

Section 32-22-22 – Tire width defined. The South Dakota Department of Transportation publishes a list of locations on the State Highway System where. The primary Permit Issuing Authority is located at the Sisseton Port of Entry near Sisseton SD.

Oversize loads may be transported from sunrise to sunset 7 days a week. Overdimension Only Violation is a Class 2 Misdemeanor punishable by a 200 fine andor 30 days in jail. You can call 6052247364 or toll free in-state only 18006373255.

Port of Entry Information. Side overhang may not exceed 3 feet 3 inches. State DOT rules and regulations for shipments traveling on highways and over the road shipper moving.

The specific requirements for nighttime lighting are listed on the South Dakota permit. South Dakota Oversize Load Regulations. Local government phone numbers are found on the SD City and County Permit Contacts page.

This list can be used to plan movements of over-height. South Dakota oversize permits are valid for three days. South Dakota bridge weight limit map.

This handbook addresses requirements for commercial vehicles on South Dakotas State Trunk Highway System. A vehicle with a load of baled hay may be 15 feet high. City and county authorities may impose additional requirements for oversize or overweight vehicles on their roads.

South Dakota Oversize and Overweight Fines and Penalties. The manufactured home excluding all nonstructural appendages and safety devices may not exceed a width of 16 feet or a length of 80 feet. Carriers operating in South Dakota must operate within the maximum length height width and axle limitations and comply with South Dakota bridge and weight laws.

Oversize load permits are required by citiesstates once you exceed their legal limitations or dimensions. The transportation commission may adopt rules in regards to the issuing of overweight permits SD. A vehicle that is overweight on a tire wheel axle or axle group is not allowed to proceed until it is made legal by either shifting the load or unloading part of the load.

The Bridge Clearance List contains all of the locations of low clearance on the state highway system within South Dakota. Allows for the movement of a non-divisible oversize but not overweight load being hauled on a single unit or combination of two units up to a width of 14 feet 6 inches. Single trip permits are valid for three 3 travel days.

Loads not exceeding 10 wide 146 high 110 overall length may travel on interstate highways continuously and. South Dakota Oversize Permit Wide and Heavy Haul Freight Information Were currently revamping our over-dimensional state data to give you the most accurate and complete data on the internet. Size Weight Regulations.

Section 32-22-211 – Single trip permits to move to scale site. No heigh limit except on Interstate highways. The manufactured home including all nonstructural appendages except for safety devices may not exceed a width of 16 feet 6 inches or a length of 80.

Exemptions from seasonal restrictions. The division of highway patrol may issue annual permits for the movement of overweight loads. Section 32-22-21 – Maximum weight per tire and on any axle or combination of axles-Violation as misdemeanor.

The permit vehicle may not exceed a height of 15 feet. Section 32-22-20 – Repealed. Farm Machinery and Fire Equipment.

Below is a reference that helps you understand what these limitations are on a state by state city by city basis which covers a load that exceeds the maximum length width or height. Pilot Car Requirements and Certifications in South Dakota Pilot car and escort vehicle requirements in South Dakota. State DOT rules and regulations for shipments traveling on highways and over the road shipper moving.

Section 32-22-212 – Highways to which maximum weight limit applies. The Department of Transportation may specify the routes on which a vehicle with such permits may travel. Single-Trip OversizeOverweight Permit If the motor vehicle exceeds the weight of 40000 pounds on two axles 60000 pounds on three axles 80000 pounds on four axles 85000 pounds on five axles 90000 pounds on six axles and 95000 or more pounds on seven or more axles an additional overweight fee is charged at a rate of two cents per ton.

OVERSIZE PERMITS ESCORTS INFORMATION REQUIREMENTS. In the meantime if youd like us to assist with. Must have permit prior to entering the state.

South Dakota Winter FrostSpring Thaw Laws and Seasonal Weight Restrictions See also. South Dakota Division of Highway Patrol. The maximum height for any vehicle including load is 14 feet.

All pilot carsescort vehicles must display a bumper or roof-mounted OVERSIZE LOAD. Tire chain laws by location. Call 800 845-1190 for Minor Major A Wide load permit is required to be secured by pilot cars not exceeding 5500 kg in gross vehicle weight and are permitted for single commercial transportation when the length of load being transported.

South Dakota trucking regulations for shipping heavy haul oversize and wideload freight in North America. Each jurisdiction state or province has the responsibility of issuing IRP registrations for operators in.

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